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Royal Borough of Greenwich
Reablement Services


If you have a visual and/or hearing impairment and are finding it hard to manage, you can get help and support from the Royal Borough of Greenwich Sensory Services (which is provided by Sensory Specialists Ltd).

Services for the blind and partially sighted
People who are blind, partially sighted or who have a significant sight problem can get help from the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Our team can advise on:

  • mobility and travelling - how to travel independently and safely and make best use of their sight and using specialist equipment if necessary

  • skills training - provide help to continue living independently by developing strategies and skills to cope with different tasks in the home

  • low vision training - find out which types of magnifiers or lighting are useful and how to get the most out of the equipment that is available.


If you are having inpatient treatment at a hospital, please contact your GP as soon as possible following discharge so they can make the appropriate and necessary referrals to support your sensory loss.


Royal Borough of Greenwich Sensory Services


020 3910 6876

Text Phone

07786 424 946



020 8551 7755

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